Handbook of Obesity Treatment

Second Edition

Edited by Thomas A. Wadden and George A. Bray

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September 5, 2018
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I. Prevalence, Consequences, and Etiology of Obesity

1. Epidemiology and Health and Economic Consequences of Obesity, Graham A. Colditz & Hank Dart

2. Gut-to-Brain Mechanisms of Body Weight Regulation, Matthew R. Hayes

3. Energy Expenditure and Obesity, Kara L. Marlatt & Eric Ravussin

4. Genetics of Obesity, I. Sadaf Farooqi

5. Human Energy Homeostasis and the Gut Microbiome, Michael Rosenbaum & Rudolph L. Leibel

II. Behavioral, Environmental, and Psychosocial Contributors to Obesity

6. The Role of Portion Size, Energy Density, and Variety in Obesity and Weight Management, Barbara J. Rolls

7. Physical Activity and the Development of Obesity, Claude Bouchard, Peter T. Katzmarzyk, & Robert Ross

8. Sleep and Obesity, Andrea M. Spaeth & David F. Dinges

9. Social, Economic, and Physical Environmental Contributors to Obesity among Adults, Joreintje Dingena Mackenbach, Jeroen Lakerveld, & Johannes Brug

10. Psychosocial Contributors to and Consequences of Obesity, Rebecca M. Puhl & Rebecca L. Pearl

11. Obesity, Eating Disorders, and Addiction, Courtney McCuen-Wurst & Kelly C. Allison

III. Health Consequences of Weight Reduction

12. The Impact of Intentional Weight Loss on Major Morbidity and Mortality, Edward W. Gregg & Marcela Rodriguez Flores

13. Weight Loss and Changes in Psychosocial Status and Cognitive Function, Candice A. Myers & Corby K. Martin

14. Effects of Lifestyle Interventions on Health-Related Quality of Life and Physical Functioning, W. Jack Rejeski & Donald A. Williamson

IV. Assessment of Patients with Obesity

15. Medical Evaluation of Patients with Obesity, Rekha B. Kumar & Louis J. Aronne

16. Behavioral Assessment of Patients with Obesity, Jena A. Shaw Tronieri & Thomas A. Wadden

V. Treatment of Obesity in Adults

17. An Overview of the Treatment of Obesity in Adults, Thomas A. Wadden, Zayna M. Bakizada, Steven Z. Wadden, & Naji Alamuddin

18. Dietary Treatment of Overweight and Obesity, Arne S. Astrup

19. Physical Activity and Weight Management, John M. Jakicic, Renee J. Rogers, Sally A. Sherman, & Sara J. Kovacs

20. Behavioral Treatment of Obesity, Stephanie Gomez-Rubalcava, Kaitlin Stabbert, & Suzanne Phelan

21. The Role of Medications in Weight Management, George A. Bray & Donna H. Ryan

22. Surgical Treatment of Obesity, Zubaidah Nor Hanipah, Ali Aminian, & Philip R. Schauer

23. Maintenance of Weight Lost in Behavioral Treatment of Obesity, Michael G. Perri & Aviva H. Ariel-Donges

VI. Additional Approaches to and Resources for the Treatment of Obesity

24. The Emerging Field of Obesity Medicine, Robert F. Kushner & Scott Kahan

25. Coverage of Obesity Treatment: Costs and Benefits, Morgan Downey & Theodore K. Kyle

26. Obesity Treatment Perspectives in U.S. Racial/Ethnic Minority Populations, Shiriki K. Kumanyika

27. Treatment of Obesity in Primary Care, Adam G. Tsai & Thomas A. Wadden

28. Remotely Delivered Interventions for Obesity, Deborah F. Tate, Brooke T. Nezami, & Carmina G. Valle

29. Commercial Weight-Loss Programs, Kimberly A. Gudzune & Jeanne M. Clark

30. Treatment of Obesity in Community Setting, Delia Smith West, Rebecca A. Krukowski, & Chelsea A. Larsen

31. Alternative Behavioral Weight Loss Approaches: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Motivational Interviewing, Meghan L. Butryn, Leah M. Schumacher, & Evan M. Forman

32. Behavioral Economics and Weight Management, Mitesh S. Patel & Kevin G. M. Volpp

33. Nonsurgical Interventional Modalities for the Treatment of Obesity, Jacqueline M. Soegaard Ballester, Casey H. Halpern, Noel N. Williams, & Kristoffel R. Dumon

34. Treatment of Eating Disorders in Persons with Obesity, Carlos M. Grilo

35. Obesity and Body Image Dissatisfaction, David B. Sarwer, Colleen M. Tewksbury, & Heather M. Polonsky

36. Obesity, Weight Management, and Self-Esteem, Carol Johnson

VII. Childhood Obesity and Obesity Prevention

37. The Development of Childhood Obesity, Tanja V. E. Kral & Robert I. Berkowitz

38. Prevention of Obesity in Youth: Findings from Controlled Trials, Hannah G. Lawman, Alexis C. Wojtanowski, & Gary D. Foster

39. Behavioral Treatment of Obesity in Youth, Katherine N. Balantekin, Denise E. Wilfley, & Leonard H. Epstein

40. Pharmacological Treatment of Pediatric Obesity, Robert I. Berkowitz & Ariana M. Chao

41. Bariatric Surgery in Adolescents with Severe Obesity, Andrew J. Beamish & Thomas H. Inge

42. Using Public Policy to Address Obesity: Past, Present, and Future, Marlene B. Schwartz & Kelly D. Brownell

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