Handbook of Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine

Edited by Jerry M. Suls, Karina W. Davidson, and Robert M. Kaplan

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August 19, 2010
ISBN 9781606238950
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608 Pages
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July 6, 2011
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“Presents a clear picture of a transformed, panoramic version of clinical health psychology. Clinical health psychology, as described in this book, is a vision of an important discipline, affecting discovery from the lab bench, to the bedside, to the community. The editors recognize a new paradigm in health psychology—the emergence of a new type of health psychology that integrates individual health and population health....Offers information for those wanting an expert introduction to critical topics in health psychology. The text provides an expanded vision of the discipline for those seeking timely information on developments within the field. The text provides a comprehensive and expert introduction to the field and documents the power of psychology to serve as an integrating discipline able to provide an understanding of human functioning as well as a theoretical compass to decipher the interrelationships of health services to the individual and the community.”


“Behavioral factors are key to both disease prevention and recovery. This comprehensive volume examines multiple models of behavior change and applies them to a wide array of health concerns. Detailed and accessible, the book contains invaluable resources for practitioners and researchers across the health disciplines who need to address not only the human body, but also the human spirit within it. It will doubtless become a core resource for those engaged in health-related interventions. I also would recommend this book for students in all the health sciences, from advanced undergraduates to those at the highest levels of professional training.”

—Richard M. Ryan, PhD, Department of Clinical and Social Psychology, University of Rochester

“This handbook is really outstanding. Compared to many other books in the field, it avoids poorly defined constructs, uses clear definitions, and is grounded in empirical psychological research, which makes it an unrivaled contribution. In a heterogeneous and complicated field, the editors have produced a state-of-the-art work. It is a 'must' for all students, trainees, and professionals who want to deepen their knowledge about psychological aspects of medical illnesses and their treatment.”

—Winfried Rief, PhD, Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, University of Marburg, Germany

“These distinguished editors and contributors provide an engaging, comprehensive presentation of the current state of the science; a tutorial in how to think about the overarching issues in this dynamic field; and a guide to applying the research to meet challenges in health care. Advanced students and a wide range of health researchers and professionals will appreciate this cutting-edge review. This forward-looking view of how health psychology fits into the broader agenda of health research, services, and policy will serve the field well for many years.”

—Timothy W. Smith, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Utah

“Suls, Davidson, and Kaplan are leaders in the fields of health psychology and behavioral medicine. Their new handbook features 36 chapters by outstanding contributors who cover every facet of these interrelated disciplines. Each chapter is up to date and highly readable. This is a 'must-have' reference for graduate students and researchers in health psychology, behavioral medicine, and related disciplines, such as medical sociology and nursing science. It would make a terrific text for a one- or two-semester course.”

—Kenneth A. Wallston, PhD, School of Nursing, Vanderbilt University

“I teach health psychology at the doctoral level and have been frustrated with the lack of available texts that reach the level of scholarly presentation I demand for my students. Until now, I 'made do' by assigning many, many articles to read—but this still failed to meet the need for an in-depth overview. This book has made my life much easier and my students' education more thorough. Well done!”

—Suni Petersen, PhD, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology