Handbook of African American Health

Edited by Robert L. Hampton, Thomas P. Gullotta, and Raymond L. Crowel

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July 16, 2010
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March 18, 2011
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I. Foundations of African American Health

1. The Strengths and Challenges Facing African Americans: Building Culturally Competent Practices with Communities and Families, Richard Briscoe, Gwen McClain, Teresa Nesman, Jessica Mazza, and Maxine Woodside

2. Historical Trauma, Kristin N. Williams-Washington

3. Beyond Tuskegee: Why African Americans Do Not Participate in Research, Peter Edmund Millet, Stacey Kevin Close, and Christon George Arthur

4. Spirituality and the Power of Religion, Donelda A. Cook

5. Well-Being and Resilience, Ruth Chu-lien Chao

6. Evidence-Based Practice, Aminifu R. Harvey, Oliver J. Johnson, Annie McCullough-Chavis, and Tamara M. Carter

7. Pharmacotherapy in African Americans, David C. Henderson

8. Engaging African Americans in Outpatient Mental Health Interventions, Reginald D. Simmons and Gretchen Chase Vaughn

II. Health Issues for African Americans

9. Obesity, M. Kathleen Figaro, Rhonda BeLue, and Bettina M. Beech

10. Asthma, Michelle M. Cloutier

11. Diabetes, M. Kathleen Figaro, Verla M. Vaughan, and Freida Hopkins Outlaw

12. Cardiovascular Disease, Charles H. Hennekens, Wendy R. Schneider, and Robert S. Levine

13. Cancer, Derrick J. Beech

14. Tobacco Use, Tamika D. Gilreath, Guy-Lucien Whembolua, and Gary King

15. Anxiety, Angela Neal-Barnett, Lori E. Crosby, and Bernadette Blount Salley

16. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Jacquelyn Duval-Harvey and Kenneth Rogers

17. Major Depressive Disorder: Meeting the Challenges of Stigma, Misdiagnosis, and Treatment Disparities, Rahn Kennedy Bailey, Holly L. Blackmon, and Francis L. Stevens

18. Schizophrenia, William B. Lawson and Shana Jeanelle Gage

19. Suicide, Donna Holland Barnes

20. Child Maltreatment, Brenda Jones Harden and Jamell White

21. Intimate Partner Violence, Jaslean J. La Taillade, Robert L. Hampton, Marcus Pope, and April R. McDowell

22. Pathways to Prison, Deborah J. Burris-Kitchen

Epilogue, Robert L. Hampton and Thomas P. Gullotta