Handbook of Assessment and Treatment Planning for Psychological Disorders

Third Edition

Edited by Martin M. Antony and David H. Barlow

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August 18, 2020
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I. Principles and Practice of Evidence-Based Assessment

1. The Role of Assessment in Evidence-Based Practice, John Hunsley & Eric J. Mash sample

2. Brief Measures for Screening and Measuring Mental Health Outcomes, Caroline Vaile Wright & Lynn F. Bufka

3. Assessment of Well-Being, Matthew W. Gallagher & Laura J. Long

4. Structured and Semistructured Diagnostic Interviews, Laura J. Summerfeldt, Melina M. Ovanessian, & Martin M. Antony

II. Approaches for Specific Psychological Problems

5. Transdiagnostic Assessment of Emotional Disorders, Esther S. Tung, Mengxing Wang, Timothy A. Brown, & Anthony J. Rosellini

6. Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia, Sandra B. Morissette, Ariella P. Lenton-Brym, & David H. Barlow

7. Social Anxiety Disorder, Andrea R. Ashbaugh, Randi E. McCabe, & Martin M. Antony

8. Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Laura Campbell-Sills & Timothy A. Brown

9. Obsessive–Compulsive and Related Disorders, Steven Taylor, Jonathan S. Abramowitz, Dean McKay, & Lauryn E. Garner

10. Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders, Stephanie A. Ellickson-Larew, Jessica R. Carney, Alanna T. Coady, J. Ben Barnes, Breanna Grunthal, & Brett T. Litz

11. Depressive Disorders, David J. A. Dozois, Jesse Lee Wilde, & Keith S. Dobson

12. Eating Disorders, Zafra Cooper & Karen S. Mitchell

13. Couple Distress, Christina M. Balderrama-Durbin, Brian V. Abbott, & Douglas K. Snyder

14. Schizophrenia, Sarah I. Pratt & Kim T. Mueser

15. Substance Use Disorders, Ali M. Yurasek, Jalie A. Tucker, James G. Murphy, & Stefan G. Kertesz

16. Personality Disorders, Christopher C. Conway & Robert F. Krueger

17. Insomnia, Aleksandra Usyatynsky & Colleen E. Carney

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