Executive Skills and Reading Comprehension

Second Edition
A Guide for Educators

Kelly B. Cartwright
Foreword by Nell K. Duke

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February 2, 2023
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Foreword, Nell K. Duke


Prologue: Linking the New with the Old: How Are Familiar Reading Skills and Strategies Related to Executive Skills?

1. Executive Skills: What Are They, and Why Are They Important for Developing Thinking Readers? sample

2. Plans and Goals: Getting Ready to Read

3. Organization: Why Text and Reader Organization Matter

4. Cognitive Flexibility: Juggling Multiple Aspects of Reading

5. Working Memory: Holding and Linking Ideas in Mind While Reading

6. Inhibition and Impulse Control: Resisting Distractions to Support Comprehension

7. Social Understanding: The Importance of Mind Reading for Reading Comprehension

8. Executive Skills, Word Recognition, and Dyslexia: Cracking the Code Is Complicated, Too

Appendix A: Rubric for Assessing Executive Skills in Observations of Your Students’ Reading Behavior

Appendix B: List of Games That Require Behaviors Related to the Executive Skills Described in This Book

Appendix C: List of Executive Skill-Based Intervention Studies That Resulted in Improvements in Reading

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