Evaluation Roots

Third Edition
Theory Influencing Practice

Edited by Marvin C. Alkin and Christina A. Christie

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February 28, 2023
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I. Introduction

1. Evaluation Roots: Theory to Practice, Christina A. Christie, Jennifer E. Ho, & Marvin C. Alkin sample

2. Evaluation Theory, Marvin C. Alkin

3. An Evaluation Theory Tree: A Framework for Guiding a Range of Evaluation Practice, Christina A. Christie & Marvin C. Alkin

II. Methods

4. Randomized Field Experiments: Advances in Practice, Robert F. Boruch & Herbert M. Turner, III

5. Evaluation: Multiple Paths to Evaluation Influence and Social Betterment, Melvin M. Mark & Gary T. Henry

6. Theory-Driven Evaluation Approaches: Conventional and Innovative, Huey T. Chen

III. Valuing

7. Valuing Science: Theory as a Guide to Practice, Michael Scriven

8. Responsive Evaluation, Robert E. Stake and Merel Visse

9. Deliberative Democratic Evaluation: The Evaluator as Moral Fiduciary, Ernest R. House

10. Values-Engaged Democratic Evaluation: Evaluation and Democracy, Jennifer C. Greene

11. Culturally Responsive Evaluation: Critical and Liberatory Roots, Rodney Hopson & Vidhya Shanker

12. Transformative Lens in Evaluation: A Pathway to Transformative Change, Donna M. Mertens

13. Culturally Responsive Indigenous Evaluation: An Indigenous Journey Through Culturally Responsive Approaches, Fiona Cram & Jill Anne Chouinard

IV. Use

14. Practical Policy Evaluation: Aligning Theory with Practice, Eleanor Chelimsky

15. Context Sensitive Evaluation: An Approach to Research-Based Use, Marvin C. Alkin

16. The Ongoing Evolution of Utilization-Focused Evaluation: Practice Informed by Theory, Research, and Reflection, Michael Quinn Patton

17. Empowerment Evaluation: It Works in Practice, But Does it Work in Theory?, David M. Fetterman

18. The Curious Case of Practical Participatory Evaluation: Explorations of the Theory–Practice Relationship, J. Bradley Cousins & Hind Al Hudib

19. Learning-Centered Evaluation: The Transformational Power of Evaluation Redux, Hallie Preskill

20. The “Theory” of Interactive Evaluation Practice, Jean A. King

21. Developmental Evaluation, Michael Quinn Patton

V. Other Theories

22. Evaluation Theory Synopses, Alana R. Kinarsky & Emi Fujita-Conrads

VI. Conclusion

23. Theory Influencing Practice, Marvin C. Alkin, Christina A. Christie, & Naomi A. Stephen

24. Evaluation Policy as a Bridge Between Evaluation Theory and Practice: The Office of Indian Health Services, A Case Example, Emi Fujita-Conrads, Christina A. Christie, & Elizabeth FastHorse