Enhancing Attachment and Reflective Parenting in Clinical Practice

A Minding the Baby Approach

Arietta Slade
With Lois S. Sadler, Tanika Eaves, and Denise L. Webb

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June 28, 2023
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Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

1. Minding the Baby™ and Reflective Parenting: An Introduction

I. Theoretical and Scientific Bases for Minding the Baby Parenting

2. The Foundations of Attachment Theory and Research

3. Pathways to Secure Attachment: Caregiver Sensitivity

4. Pathways to Secure Attachment: Parental Mentalizing

5. Impaired Mentalizing and Trauma

6. Adversity, Toxic Stress, and Resilience

II. Establishing the Relational Foundations of Reflection

7. The Relational Foundations of Reflection

8. The Relational Foundations of Reflection in the Clinician

9. The Relational Foundations of Reflection in Parents and Children

III. Building Reflective Capacities

10. Enhancing Parental Reflective Functioning: General Considerations sample

11. Reflective Nursing

12. Parental Mental Health

13. Clinical Applications of the Pregnancy and Parent Development Interviews

IV. Clinical Applications of Minding the Baby Parenting

14. Brenda, Aidan, and Allie

15. Yolanda, Manny, and Mildred

16. Genevieve, Jared, and Jimmy

17. Embracing Complexity

Appendix I. The Pregnancy Interview, Arietta Slade

Appendix II. The Parent Development Interview—Short Version (2004), Arietta Slade, J. Lawrence Aber, Brenda Berger, Ivan Bresgi, and Merryle Kaplan