Desistance from Sex Offending

Alternatives to Throwing Away the Keys

D. Richard Laws and Tony Ward

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September 29, 2010
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March 11, 2011
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I. General Issues

1. Introduction

II. The Criminological Perspective

2. Defining and Measuring Desistance

3. The Age–Crime Curve: A Brief Overview

4. Theoretical Perspectives on Desistance

5. Factors Influencing Desistance

6. Two Major Theories of Desistance

III. The Forensic Psychological Perspective

7. Do Sex Offenders Desist?

8. Sex Offender Treatment and Desistance

IV. Reentry and Reintegration

9. Barriers to Reentry and Reintegration

10. Overcoming Barriers to Reentry and Reintegration

V. Recruitment

11. The Unknown Sex Offenders: Bringing Them in from the Cold

12. Blending Theory and Practice: ACriminological Perspective

VI. Desistance-Focused Intervention

13. The Good Lives Model of Offender Rehabilitation: Basic Assumptions, Etiological Commitments, and Practice Implications

14. The Good Lives Model and Desistance Theory and Research: Points of Convergence

15. The Good Lives–Desistance Model: Assessment and Treatment

VII. Where to from Here?

16. Dignity, Punishment, and Human Rights: The Ethics of Desistance

17. Moral Strangers or One of Us?: Concluding Thoughts