Comprehension Instruction

Third Edition
Research-Based Best Practices

Edited by Sheri R. Parris and Kathy Headley
Foreword by Lesley Mandel Morrow

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July 6, 2015
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Includes Common Core Content

Introduction, Sheri R. Parris and Kathy Headley

I. Comprehension Instruction within Theoretical Frameworks

1. Beyond Borders: A Global Perspective on Reading Comprehension, Sheri R. Parris, Linda B. Gambrell, and Andreas Schleicher

2. Comprehension Instruction from a Critical Theory Viewpoint, Bogum Yoon

3. Using Inquiry Dialogue to Promote the Development of Argument Skills: Possibilities, Challenges, and New Directions, Alina Reznitskaya, Judy Yu-Li Hsu, and Richard C. Anderson

4. Reading Comprehension, Embodied Cognition, and Dual Coding Theory, Mark Sadoski

5. Executive Function and Reading Comprehension: The Critical Role of Cognitive Flexibility, Kelly B. Cartwright

6. Metacognition in Comprehension Instruction: New Directions, Linda Baker, Laura U. DeWyngaert, and Alisa Zeliger-Kandasamy

7. Constructivist Theory as a Framework for Instruction and Assessment of Reading Comprehension, Donna Caccamise, Angela Friend, Megan K. Littrell-Baez, and Eileen Kintsch

II. Comprehension Instruction Contexts

8. Comprehension Instruction within the Context of the Common Core, Evelyn Ford-Connors, Dana A. Robertson, Christine Leighton, Jeanne R. Paratore, C. Patrick Proctor, and Michelle Carney

9. Using Neuroscience to Inform Comprehension Instruction, Sheri R. Parris and Cathy Collins Block

10. Comprehension Instruction in Culturally Responsive Classrooms: A Review of Research and Practice, Ellen McIntyre

11. New Insights on Motivation in the Literacy Classroom, Jacquelynn A. Malloy

12. Research on Response-to-Intervention Supplemental Interventions: Where’s the Comprehension Instruction?, Deborah MacPhee, Elizabeth Bemiss, and Diane Stephens

13. Comprehension Instruction for At-Risk Students, Irma F. Brasseur-Hock, Michael F. Hock, and Donald D. Deshler

14. Comprehension Instruction for English Language Learners: New Perspectives, New Challenges, Robert Rueda, Norman J. Unrau, and Elena Son

III. Comprehension Instruction in Action

15. Best Practices for Comprehension Instruction in the Elementary Classroom, Nell K. Duke and Nicole M. Martin

16. Fiction Comprehension Instruction: Attending to Characters’ and Readers’ Emotional States, Laura B. Smolkin and Erin M. McTigue

17. Improving Comprehension of Informational Texts in the Elementary Classroom, Lisa S. Pao and Joanna P. Williams

18. Best Practices for Comprehension Instruction in the Secondary Classroom, Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

19. Improving Comprehension of Fictional Texts in the Secondary Classroom, Tiffany Ohlson, Heather Monroe-Ossi, and Sheri R. Parris

20. Improving Comprehension of Informational Texts in the Secondary Classroom, Vicki A. Jacobs and Jacy Ippolito

IV. Multimodal Literacies and Comprehension

21. Multimodal Literacy: Best Practices for Comprehension Instruction, Sally Lamping

22. Beyond Differentiation: Multimodal Literacy Learning, B. P. Laster

23. Research on Instruction and Assessment in the New Literacies of Online Reading Comprehension, Jill Castek, Julie Coiro, Laurie A. Henry, Donald J. Leu, and Douglas K. Hartman

24. Reading Digital: Designing and Teaching with eBooks and Digital Text, Bridget Dalton and David Rose

25. Games and Comprehension: The Importance of Specialist Language, James Paul Gee

26. New Literacies and Comprehension: Resources for Educators, Jan Lacina

27. Summing Up: Putting Comprehension Instruction in Context, Kathy Headley & Sheri R. Parris