Cognitive Development for Academic Achievement

Building Skills and Motivation

James P. Byrnes

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August 24, 2021
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I. Foundations

1. Introductory Issues sample

2. Brain Development and Cognitive Neuroscience

II. Domain-General Theories of Cognitive Skills and Motivation

3. Domain-General Theories of Learning

4. Memory Development

5. The Nature and Development of Motivation

6. Executive Function and Self-Regulation

7. The Development of Intelligence, Aptitude, and Expertise

8. The Development of Spoken Language Competence

III. Domain-Specific Academic Skills

9. The Development of Beginning Reading Skills

10. The Development of Reading Comprehension Skills

11. The Development of Writing Skills

12. The Development of Mathematical Competence

13. The Development of Scientific Reasoning Skills

14. The Development of Historical Understanding

IV. Conclusions

15. Putting It All Together: An Opportunity-Propensity Model of Achievement