Coaching Students with Executive Skills Challenges

Second Edition

Peg Dawson and Richard Guare

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May 24, 2023
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I. Theoretical and Research Background

1. The Development of Executive Skills in the Brain: Biology and Experience

2. Theoretical Underpinnings for Coaching

II. Our Coaching Model

3. Introduction

4. Coaching Secondary Students

5. Coaching Elementary Students

6. Case Examples sample

III. Coaching Techniques

7. Motivational Interviewing

8. Communication Techniques for Elementary Coaches

9. Self-Assessment as a Tool for Honing Coaching Skills

10. Goal Setting and Action Planning

11. Progress Monitoring

IV. Strategies and Special Applications

12. Strategies to Support Executive Skills Coaching

13. Adaptations for Coaching Students with Disabilities

14. Other Forms of Coaching

15. Parting Thoughts

Appendix 1. Getting to Know You Survey

Appendix 2. Executive Skills Questionnaire

Appendix 3. Executive Skills Questionnaire—Adult Version

Appendix 4. Executive Skills Problem Checklist

Appendix 5. Executive Skills Semistructured Interview—Student Version

Appendix 6. Parent Handout

Appendix 7. Consent for Services: Executive Functioning Coaching

Appendix 8. Model of an Independent Coaching Contract

Appendix 9. Goal-Planning Template

Appendix 10. Daily Coaching Form

Appendix 11. Coach Feedback Form—Student Version

Appendix 12. Coach Feedback Form—Coach Version

Appendix 13. Executive Skills Questionnaire for Children—Preschool/Kindergarten Version

Appendix 14. Executive Skills Questionnaire for Children—Lower Elementary Version

Appendix 15. Executive Skills Questionnaire for Children/Adolescents

Appendix 16. Executive Skills Problem Checklist—Elementary Version for Teachers

Appendix 17. Executive Skills Problem Checklist—Elementary Version for Parents

Appendix 18. Basic Self-Assessment

Appendix 19. Advanced Self-Assessment Score Sheet

Appendix 20. Motivational Interviewing Resources

Appendix 21. Environmental Modifications Menu

Appendix 22. Example of Elaborate Incentive System

Appendix 23. Strategies for Specific Executive Skills

Appendix 24. How to Write an Essay

Appendix 25. How to Plan and Complete Long-Term Projects

Appendix 26. Studying for Tests

Appendix 27. How to Organize Notebooks/Homework

Appendix 28. How to Take Notes

Appendix 29. Learning to Solve Problems