Children as Victims, Witnesses, and Offenders

Psychological Science and the Law

Edited by Bette L. Bottoms, Cynthia J. Najdowski, and Gail S. Goodman

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August 10, 2009
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March 1, 2011
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1. Children as Victims, Witnesses, and Offenders: An Introduction through Legal Cases, Jillian N. Ducker, Jessica M. Salerno, Cynthia J. Najdowski, Bette L. Bottoms, and Gail S. Goodman

I. Children as Victims and Witnesses

2. Abuse Disclosure: What Adults Can Tell, Thomas D. Lyon

3. Trauma and Memory, Andrea Follmer Greenhoot and Sarah L. Bunnell

4. Children’s Memory in Forensic Contexts: Suggestibility, False Memory, and Individual Differences, Iris Blandón-Gitlin and Kathy Pezdek

5. Child Sexual Abuse Investigations: Lessons Learned from the McMartin and Other Daycare Cases, James M. Wood, Debbie Nathan, M. Teresa Nezworski, and Elizabeth Uhl

6. Contemporary Child Forensic Interviewing: Evolving Consensus and Innovation Over 25 Years, Karen J. Saywitz and Lorinda B. Camparo

7. Child Victims in Dependency Court, Jodi A. Quas, Alexia Cooper, and Lindsay Wandrey

8. Child Witnesses in Criminal Court, Natalie R. Troxel, Christin M. Ogle, Ingrid M. Cordon, Michael J. Lawler, and Gail S. Goodman

9. Expert Psychological Testimony in Child Sexual Abuse Trials, John E. B. Myers

10. Jurors’ Perceptions of Children’s Eyewitness Testimony, Jonathan M. Golding, Emily E. Dunlap, and Emily C. Hodell

11. An International Perspective on Child Witnesses, Kay Bussey

12. Child Victim Research Comes of Age: Implications for Social Scientists, Practitioners, and the Law, Bradley D. McAuliff

II. Children as Offenders

13. How Victims Become Offenders, Cathy Spatz Widom and Helen W. Wilson

14. Police Interrogation and False Confessions: The Inherent Risk of Youth, Allison D. Redlich and Saul M. Kassin

15. Challenging Juvenile Transfer: Faulty Assumptions and Misguided Policies, N. Dickon Reppucci, Jaime L. Michel, and Jessica O. Kostelnik

16. Therapeutic Jurisprudence in Juvenile Justice, Patrick H. Tolan and Jennifer Anne Titus

17. Girl Offenders: Special Issues, James Garbarino, Kathryn Levene, Margaret Walsh, and Sacha M. Coupet

18. Understanding Adults’ Perceptions of Juvenile Offenders, Margaret C. Stevenson, Cynthia J. Najdowski, Bette L. Bottoms, and Tamara M. Haegerich

19. An International Perspective on Juvenile Justice Issues, John Petrila

20. Different Visions of Juvenile Justice, Christopher Slobogin