CBT with Justice-Involved Clients

Interventions for Antisocial and Self-Destructive Behaviors

Raymond Chip Tafrate, Damon Mitchell, and David J. Simourd

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May 25, 2018
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
I. Forensic Basics

1. The Forensic Treatment Landscape

2. An Integrated Forensic Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approach

II. Engagement

3. Successfully Engaging Justice-Involved Clients

4. Clarifying Values and Life Priorities

III. Assessment, Case Formulation, and Focus

5. Assessing Criminal Risk Domains

6. Case Formulation

7. Establishing Collaborative Goals and Focusing Conversations

IV. Detailed Treatment Plans for Criminogenic Thinking and Antisocial Orientation

8. Connecting Criminogenic Thinking to Decision Making in Criminal Risk Domains

9. Monitoring and Restructuring Criminogenic Thinking

V. Detailed Treatment Plans for Harmful Lifestyle Patterns

10. Developing New Routines: Leisure Activities and Employment/Education

11. Restructuring Relationships: Friends and Family

12. Managing Destructive Habits: Substance Use and Anger Reactions

VI. Practice Management

13. Documentation and Report Writing


Appendix A. Standardized Test Recommendations

Appendix B. Resources for Practitioners