Bringing Reading Research to Life

Edited by Margaret G. McKeown and Linda Kucan

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November 20, 2009
ISBN 9781606234747
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March 1, 2011
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1. A Tribute to the Diva of Scientifically Based Instruction, Jean Osborn and Marcy Stein

2. Taking a Long View of Reading Development, Connie Juel

3. Research on Students with Reading Disabilities, Sharon Vaughn

4. Lessons from the Reading Reform Field, Janice A. Dole

5. The Word Games, William E. Nagy

6. The Role of Word Meanings in Comprehension, Mary E. Curtis

7. What is a Good Question?, Art Graesser, Yasuhiro Ozuru, and Jeremiah Sullins

8. Developing a Model of Quality Talk about Literary Text, Ian A. G. Wilkinson, Anna O. Soter, and P. Karen Murphy

9. Collaborative Reasoning about a Science and Public Policy Issue, May Jadallah, Brian Miller, Richard C. Anderson, Kim Nguyen-Jahiel, Jie Zhang, Anthi Archodidou, and Kay Grabow

10. Comprehension Processes and Classroom Contexts, Walter Kintsch

11. Understanding the Word-Level Features of Texts for Students Who Depend on Schools to Become Literate, Elfrieda H. Hiebert

12. Text in the Science Classroom: Promoting Engagement to Facilitate Conceptual Change, Suzanne H. Broughton and Gale M. Sinatra

13. Literacy in the Digital World: Comprehending and Learning from Multiple Sources, Susan R. Goldman with Kimberly A. Lawless, Kimberly W. Gomez, Jason Braasch, Shaunna MacLeod, and Flori Manning

14. The Work of Constructing Connections between Research and Practice: What We Can Learn from Isabel L. Beck, Leona Schauble

15. Decoding, Vocabulary, and Comprehension: The Golden Triangle of Reading Skill, Charles Perfetti

16. Another Side of Isabel, Elizabeth Beck and Mark Beck