Biopsychosocial Assessment in Clinical Health Psychology

Edited by Frank Andrasik, Jeffrey L. Goodie, and Alan L. Peterson

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January 5, 2015
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January 16, 2014
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I. Overview

1. Introduction to Biopsychosocial Assessment in Clinical Health Psychology, Alan L. Peterson, Jeffrey L. Goodie, & Frank Andrasik

2. Fundamentals of Assessment in Clinical Health Psychology, Cynthia D. Belar, & William W. Deardorff

3. Medication Adherence, Howard Leventhal, Danielle E. McCarthy, Elaine A. Leventhal, & Krysten Williams Bold

II. Assessment of Health-Risk Behaviors

4. Eating Disorders, Susan Himes, Tovah Yanover, & J. Kevin Thompson

5. Tobacco Use, Alan L. Peterson, Antoinette R. Brundige, & David Houghton

6. Drug Use and Abuse, Deborah L. Haller, Michelle C. Acosta, Howard Newville, & Abigail Herron

7. Alcohol Use, Tony Toneatto & Mekhala Gunaratne

8. Social Support, Merideth D. Smith & Amy Fiske

9. Coping, Lauren M. Penwell-Waines, Kevin T. Larkin, & Jeffrey L. Goodie

10. Physical Activity, Patricia M. Dubbert, Todd A. Smitherman, & Jeanne Gabriele

11. Quality of Life, Jan Passchier & Jan Busschbach

III. Assessment of Clinical Problems

12. Cancer, Tammy A. Schuler, Thomas M. Atkinson, & Errol J. Philip

13. Cardiovascular Disease, Benson Hoffman, Amy Goetzinger, & James A. Blumenthal

14. Chronic Pain, Donald D. McGeary, Robert J. Gatchel, Cindy A. McGeary, & Monica Escamilla

15. Headaches, Dawn C. Buse, Frank Andrasik, & C. Mark Sollars

16. Facial Pain, Alan G. Glaros

17. Diabetes, Linda Gonder-Frederick, Laura K. Campbell, & Jaclyn A. Shepard

18. Gastrointestinal Disorders, Brenda B. Toner & Iman Hussain

19. Insomnia, Daniel J. Taylor, Christina S. McCrae, Kenneth L. Lichstein, & Adam D. Bramoweth

20. HIV/AIDS, Anne-Lise C. Smith, Dean G. Cruess, & Seth C. Kalichman

IV. Assessment of Special Populations

21. Cultural Concerns, Luz Garcini, Kate Murray, Jessica Barnack-Tavlaris, & Elizabeth A. Klonoff

22. Organ Transplant, Douglas P. Gibson, Kristin Kuntz, Solam Huey, & Mary Ellen Olbrisch

23. Bariatric Surgery, Mary Ellen Olbrisch, Melanie K. Bean, & Karen E. Stewart

24. Pediatrics, Lisa M. Buckloh & Lisa M. Schilling

25. Older Adults, Christine E. Gould, Merideth D. Smith, & Barry A. Edelstein

26. Primary Care, Christopher L. Hunter

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