Best Practices in Early Literacy Instruction

Edited by Diane M. Barone and Marla H. Mallette

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September 3, 2013
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September 3, 2013
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I. Influences on Literacy Development

1. Parent Involvement Supporting Early Literacy Achievement: Best Practices for Bridging the Home and School Environments, Beth M. Phillips, Kylie S. Flynn, Galiya A. Tabulda, Smriti Jangra, and Christopher J. Lonigan

2. A Comprehensive Approach to Building Oral Language in Preschool: Prerequisites for Literacy, Allyssa McCabe

3. Working with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students: Lessons Learned from Reading Recovery, Catherine Compton-Lilly

4. Supporting Language and Literacy Development in Quality Preschools, Shannon Riley-Ayers

II. Materials and Texts

5. Early Literacy Development in the Digital Age, Jackie Marsh and Dylan Yamada-Rice

6. What, When, and How Electronic Media Can Be Used in an Early Literacy Classroom, Annie M. Moses

7. New Perspectives on Literature for Young Children, Diane M. Barone and Andrea Morency

8. Read All about I.T.!: Informational Text in the Early Childhood Classroom, Lynne M. Watanabe and Nell K. Duke

III. Reconceptualizing Developmentally Appropriate Practice

9. Phonological Awareness and Alphabet Knowledge: The Foundations of Early Reading, Marcia Invernizzi and Laura S. Tortorelli

10. Reading to Learn from the Beginning: Comprehension Instruction in the Primary Grades, Katherine A. Dougherty Stahl

11. Best Practices in Oral Vocabulary Instruction, Susan B. Neuman and Tanya S. Wright

12. Real Books, Real Reading: Effective Fluency Instruction for Striving Readers, Melanie R. Kuhn, Kristina Zukauskas Phelan, and Paula J. Schwanenflugel

13. Best Practices in Early Writing Instruction, Deborah Wells Rowe and Tanya R. Flushman

14. Strengthening Play in Early Literacy Teaching Practice, Kathleen A. Roskos and James Christie

IV. Intervention and Assessment

15. "How Am I Doing?": Students' Perceptions of Literacy and Themselves, Marla H. Mallette, Peter P. Afflerbach, and Christine E. Wiggs

16. The Interactive Strategies Approach to Early Literacy Intervention, Donna M. Scanlon, Kimberly L. Anderson, and Frank R. Vellutino

17. An Evidence-Based Approach to Response to Intervention, Monica T. Billen and Richard L. Allington