Assessing Organizational Communication

Strategic Communication Audits

Cal W. Downs and Allyson D. Adrian

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May 26, 2004
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February 13, 2017
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1. Communication Audits as Organizational Development

2. Initiating and Planning an Assessment

3. Conducting Team Audits, David Cook, James Patterson, and Cal W. Downs

4. Choosing Focal Areas to Assess

5. The Interview: The Most Basic Assessment Technology

6. Diagnosis through Questionnaires

7. The International Communication Association Survey

8. Downs-Hazen Communication Satisfaction Questionnaire, Phillip G. Clampitt

and Cal W. Downs

9. Critical Communication Experience Survey

10. ECCO Analysis

11. Diagnosing Communication Networks,

D. Thomas Porter and Allyson D. Adrian

12. Focus Group Interviews

13. Final Analysis and Interpretation

14. The Final Report