Adolescent Literacies

A Handbook of Practice-Based Research

Edited by Kathleen A. Hinchman and Deborah A. Appleman
Foreword by Donna E. Alvermann

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December 1, 2016
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Introduction: The State of Practice-Based Research in Adolescent Literacies, Kathleen A. Hinchman and Deborah A. Appleman

I. Adolescent Literacies and Identities

1. Navigating Cultures and Identities to Learn Literacies for Life: Rethinking Adolescent Literacy Teaching in a Post-Core World, Elizabeth Birr Moje, Carolyn Giroux, and Nicholas Muehling

2. Youth, Popular Culture, and the Media: Examining Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality, and Social Histories, Marcelle M. Haddix, Antero Garcia, and Detra Price-Dennis

3. Adolescent Literacies beyond Heterosexual Hegemony, Mollie V. Blackburn and Ryan Schey

4. Beyond School: Examining the Out-of-School Literacies and Counternarratives of Adolescent Learners, Valerie Kinloch, Tanja Burkhard, and Carlotta Penn

5. Emergent Bilingual Youth in U.S. Secondary Schools, Danny C. Martinez and Ursula S. Aldana

6. What Research Says (and Doesn’t Say) about Literacy for Youth with Disabilities, Kelly Chandler-Olcott, Michelle Duffy, and Joanna Robertson

7. The Development of Literate Identities and Practices across a Decade: Families, Friends, and Schools, Catherine Compton-Lilly

II. Locating Adolescent Literacies

8. Constructing Literacies in a Secondary English Language Arts Curriculum: Discourses, Histories, Ethics, Mary M. Juzwik, Jennifer VanDerHeide, Kati Macaluso, Amanda Smith, Natasha Perez, Samantha Caughlan, Michael Macaluso, and Cori McKenzie

9. Diverse Youth, New Teachers, and “Picturing” Literacy: Using Photovoice to “Partner” Our Way to Adolescents’ Perspectives on Literacy, Kristien Zenkov, Laurel Taylor, and Jim Harmon

10. The Power of Fostering Pleasure in Reading, Michael W. Smith, Jeffrey D. Wilhelm, and Sharon Fransen

11. Disciplinary Literacy: A Multidisciplinary Synthesis, David O’Brien and Lisa Ortmann

12. Misfits in School Literacy: Whom Are U.S. Schools Designed to Serve?, Peter Smagorinsky

13. Avoiding the Cheapest Room in the House: Dialoguing through Fear of Dialogical Practice, Bob Fecho, Steven J. Landry, and Jennifer J. Whitley

III. Adolescent Literacies and Multiple Texts

14. Missing in Action: Learning from Texts in Subject-Matter Classrooms, Cynthia Greenleaf and Sheila Valencia

15. “No More Paperwork!”: Student Perspectives on Multimodal Composing in Response to Literature, Kelly K. Wissman

16. Let’s Translate!: Teaching Literacy Concepts with English Language Learners, Kelly Puzio, Christopher Keyes, and Robert Jiménez

17. Acquiring Processes for Responding to and Creating Multimodal Digital Productions, Richard Beach, Jill Castek, and John Scott

18. Adolescents Reading Graphic Novels and Comics: What We Know from Research, Stergios Botzakis, Rachelle Savitz, and David E. Low

19. Academic Language and Subject-Area Learning, Zhihui Fang

20. Young Adult Literature and Classroom-Based Research, Gay Ivey

IV. Pedagogies of Adolescent Literacies

21. How Practice-Based Research Informs Adolescent English Language Learners’ Composing and Compositions, Jill Fitzgerald

22. Teaching and Learning Literary Argumentation in High School English Language Arts Classrooms, George E. Newell, David Bloome, and the Argumentative Writing Project

23. Adolescent Literacy and Collaborative Inquiry, Rob Simon and Amir Kalan

24. Scaffolding Adolescents' Reading of Challenging Text: In Search of Balance, Michael Graves

25. Teaching Writing to Adolescents: The Use of Evidence-Based Practices, Amy Gillespie Rouse and Steve Graham

26. A Close Reading of Close Reading: What Does the Research Tell Us about How to Promote the Thoughtful Interrogation of Text?, Amy Koehler Catterson and P. David Pearson

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