ADHD in the Schools

Third Edition
Assessment and Intervention Strategies

George J. DuPaul and Gary Stoner
Foreword by Robert Reid

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July 10, 2014
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
1. Overview of ADHD

2. Assessment of ADHD in School Settings

3. ADHD and Comorbidity: Practical Considerations for School-Based Professionals

Appendix 3.1: Zirkel Checklist for Performing Eligibility for Special Education Services

4. Early Screening, Identification, and Intervention

5. Supports and Interventions in Elementary School

6. Interventions and Supports in Secondary and Postsecondary Schools

7. Medication Therapy

Appendix 7.1: Stimulant Medication Treatment of ADHD: A Teacher Handout

8. Adjunctive Interventions for ADHD

9. Communication with Parents, Professionals, and Students

Appendix 9.1: Suggested Readings on ADHD and Related Difficulties for Parents and Teachers

Appendix 9.2: Referral Letter to a Physician

Appendix 9.3: Referral to Physician for Possible Medication Trial

Appendix 9.4: Description of Medication Trial to Physician

Appendix 9.5: Report of Results of Medication Trial to Physician

10. Conclusions and Future Directions