Think First

Addressing Aggressive Behavior in Secondary Schools

Jim Larson

A Paperback Original
A Paperback Original
February 1, 2005
ISBN 9781593851262
Price: $35.00
208 Pages
Size: 7" x 10"

This highly practical book presents a complete anger and aggression management training program for middle and high school students. The volume incorporates a revised version of the author's proven “Think First” manual, which includes step-by-step skills training guidelines and 20 reproducible handouts and forms. Also provided are a clear rationale for the program and thorough instructions for screening and assessing those students who could benefit most from participation. Showing how to integrate small-group cognitive-behavioral skills training into an effective schoolwide disciplinary framework, the book offers vital tools for promoting prosocial behavior and decreasing violence risks among all students. It is an essential resource for professionals who seek both a better understanding of adolescent aggression and nuts-and-bolts strategies for dealing with it.