The Common Core Coaching Book

Strategies to Help Teachers Address the K-5 ELA Standards

Laurie Elish-Piper and Susan K. L'Allier

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April 24, 2014
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April 24, 2014
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226 Pages
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Includes Common Core Content

The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
I. Coaching toward the Common Core

1. Getting Ready for Coaching

2. Tools for Effective Coaching

II. Large-Group Coaching toward the Common Core

Strategy 1. Establishing a Climate for Literacy Coaching

Strategy 2. Building Shared Understanding and Language

Strategy 3. Conducting an Article Study Group

Strategy 4. Providing Professional Development at Faculty Meetings

Strategy 5. Unpacking the Common Core Standards

Strategy 6. Examining the Vertical Alignment of the Common Core Standards

Strategy 7. Presenting Powerful Professional Development

III. Small-Group Coaching toward the Common Core

Strategy 8. Developing Implementation Guides for the Common Core Standards

Strategy 9. Reviewing Assessment Data to Plan Instruction

Strategy 10. Examining Student Work

Strategy 11. Reviewing Units of Study

Strategy 12. Conducting a Lesson Study

IV. Individual Coaching toward the Common Core

Strategy 13. Setting Goals

Strategy 14. Modeling

Strategy 15. Co-Planning

Strategy 16. Co-Teaching

Strategy 17. Observing

Strategy 18. Implementing the Coaching Cycle

V. Putting It All Together: Profiles of Highly Effective Literacy Coaches

Profile 1. Establishing and Maintaining Administrator Support

Profile 2. Getting into Classrooms

Profile 3. Working with Hesitant Teachers

Profile 4. Staying the Course

Profile 5. Embedding Coaching into Other Assigned Duties

Profile 6. Organizing for Success

Final Thoughts