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What makes Mind Over Mood, Second Edition different from the first?

More than 1,000,000 people found the first edition helpful in managing moods and personal issues such as depression, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame, relationship difficulties, and addictions. The second edition includes:

I’ve used the first edition. Is there any advantage to getting the second edition?

It depends. If the first edition has been helpful and you are satisfied with your progress, then you may not need to buy the second edition. However, if you want to learn additional skills and strategies to progress even further, then you may want to get the second edition. The second edition has an added emphasis on creating meaning in your life, satisfaction, gratitude, and happiness.

With the first Mind Over Mood, I had to photocopy worksheets. Can I now download and print the worksheets from Mind Over Mood, Second Edition?

Purchasers of Mind Over Mood, Second Edition can download the 60 step-by-step worksheets, and have the option to fill them in onscreen before printing. Of course, the worksheets can also be photocopied from the book.

I've purchased Mind Over Mood, Second Edition. What rights do I have to copy materials for personal use or use with clients?

Purchasers of this book have permission to copy worksheets and boxes, where indicated by footnotes, for personal use or use with individual clients. These worksheets and boxes may be copied from the book or accessed directly from the publisher's website, but may not be stored on or distributed from intranet sites, internet sites, or file sharing sites, or made available for resale. No other part of this book may be reproduced, translated, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, microfilming, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the publisher. Contact our Permissions Department with any questions.

Is Mind Over Mood, Second Edition available as an e-book?

Yes, the e-book is available from Guilford, as well as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play Books, and

Will Mind Over Mood, Second Edition be translated into other languages?

Yes, Mind Over Mood, Second Edition is already being translated into Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese-world, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Malay, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Thai, and Turkish and we anticipate many more languages to follow. Sign up for emails for all the latest information.

Is there a Spanish version of Mind Over Mood, Second Edition?

Yes. The Spanish edition, El control de tu estado de ánimo, Segunda edición, was published in October 2016.

Can I download and print the worksheets from El control de tu estado de ánimo, Segunda edición?

Yes. Purchasers of the Spanish edition can download and print 19 worksheets from the book's Appendix. They also get access to the full selection of worksheets available online in English.

Is there a second edition of the Clinician's Guide to Mind Over Mood?

Yes. The Clinician's Guide to CBT Using Mind Over Mood, Second Edition was published in April 2020. The bestselling guide has been completely revised and expanded with over 90% new material in a new step-by-step format.

Where can I get ongoing and updated information about the authors?

To stay up to date, readers should visit and like Mind Over Mood on Facebook. Also, check out Christine Padesky’s YouTube channel, where she offers therapists innovative cognitive behavioral strategies to use with clients.

I'm interested in attending a professional workshop on how to use Mind Over Mood, Second Edition taught by Christine Padesky. Where can I find more information?

To view a calendar of Dr. Padesky's upcoming workshops and reserve your space, visit

Dennis Greenberger's website is

Christine Padesky's professional website for therapists is Therapists may want to follow her on Twitter @padesky to learn more about her research, writing, workshops, and related ideas.