Daily News, Eternal Stories

The Mythological Role of Journalism

Jack Lule

January 17, 2001
ISBN 9781572306066
Price: $30.00
245 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

This compelling, often surprising book demonstrates the ways news articles of today draw from age-old tales that have chastened, challenged, entertained, and entranced people since the beginning of time. Through an insightful exploration of hundreds of New York Times articles, award-winning professor and former journalist Jack Lule reveals mythical themes in reporting on topics from terrorist hijackings to Huey Newton, from Mother Teresa to Mike Tyson. Beneath the fresh facade of current events, Lule identifies such enduring archetypes as the innocent victim, the good mother, the hero, and the trickster. In doing so, he sheds light on how media coverage shapes our thinking about many of the confounding issues of our day, including foreign policy, terrorism, race relations, and political dissent.

Winner of the MEA's 2002 Lewis Mumford Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Technics