Controlling Your Drinking

Second Edition
Tools to Make Moderation Work for You

William R. Miller and Ricardo F. Muñoz

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July 25, 2013
ISBN 9781462507597
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290 Pages
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July 25, 2013
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290 Pages
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“The text is populated with succinct individual case vignettes and the tone of the book is one of helping the reader literally help themselves. So no preaching, no shock horror warnings, just the subtle and sensitive handling of the idea that problem drinkers can work out for themselves what is best. The book also includes an array of strategies for managing the psychological issues that usually accompany excessive drinking….Will such a book help problem drinkers control their drinking? Well, as has been shown by Miller himself, bibliotherapy works. Reading a book may not be as good as seeing a skilled therapist, but it certainly beats seeing a bad one or doing nothing at all. So, instead of going home with a good red, go home with this good read.”

Drug and Alcohol Review

“This book claims center-stage on my desk. Any patient who walks into my office, expressing concerns about a drinking problem, and yearning to change those patterns, is shown this book and encouraged to read it. What better endorsement can there be, except to say that I also strongly recommend this book to treaters. Drs. Miller and Munoz deliver exactly what they promise, and more….I strongly recommend this book to both health care practitioners and potential patients alike. For busy PCPs who want to give their patients a head start at heading off drinking problems (especially if medical consequences are apparent), this is a way to go. For mental health or addiction specialists who learned to think in absolutes, this flexible model is refreshing. Prescribers who provide medications to persons with alcohol problems will welcome this companion.”

Metapsychology Online Reviews

“The authors…are both professors of psychology and experts in the area of substance abuse. Together they bring several decades of experience in research and treatment to bear on the topic….The book has a straightforward tone and is peppered with brief examples of individual cases that help readers imagine applying these principles to their own lives. It is clearly organized to walk people who want to moderate their drinking through the process, from making the decision to change to maintaining the changes….This book is a valuable addition to the self-help literature.”


“The authors provide excellent advice and suggestions....Throughout are numerous practical tools and techniques that anyone can grasp....Highly recommended.”

Library Journal (on the prior edition)

“Clear, concise, nonjudgmental and practical, it lays out the facts that are often obscured in the heated debate over alcohol treatments....Offers tools for successful well as tactics for dealing with common challenges.”

Publishers Weekly (on the prior edition)

“Drs. Miller and Muñoz provide an easy-to-follow approach for people who are worried they may be drinking too much. The tools presented here for achieving moderate drinking are supported by a wealth of evidence; examples sprinkled throughout the book illustrate how to accomplish each goal of the program. Anyone who has struggled with the need to cut down will benefit from reading this book and following its simple, honest advice.”

—Katie Witkiewitz, PhD, Regents' Professor, Department of Psychology and Center on Alcohol, Substance Abuse, and Addictions, University of New Mexico

“Now in its second edition, this book has only gotten better. By helping readers overcome alcohol problems on their own, this book fills an enormous need, and is consistent with the scientific evidence that self-change is a common pathway to recovery. A welcome alternative in a field where those with concerns about their alcohol use are given few options.”

—Linda C. Sobell, PhD, ABPP, President's Distinguished Professor, and Mark B. Sobell, PhD, ABPP, President's Distinguished Professor, College of Psychology, Nova Southeastern University

“In a nonjudgmental way, this book helps you scope out your issues with alcohol and decide what to do, putting the ball in your court instead of being prescriptive. It is filled with useful and practical strategies that you can pick and choose from to meet your own needs.”

—Anne M. Fletcher, MS, RDN, author of Inside Rehab and Sober for Good