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Living Well with Bipolar Disorder

A New Look

Produced by Monkey See Productions

August 7, 2006
ISBN 9781593853853
Price: $80.00
Running time: 47 minutes
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This video is presented by Guilford Publications in cooperation with Monkey See Productions, New South Wales, Australia. Not available from Guilford in Australia or New Zealand.
In this engaging video, six individuals of different ages and backgrounds candidly describe the impact bipolar disorder has had on their lives and the strategies they have learned for dealing with it. Produced in consultation with mood disorder experts Dr. Philip Mitchell and Dr. Meg Smith, the program provides an informative, optimistic discussion of the elements of effective clinical management. Viewers see how individuals can get and stay well by combining medication, counseling or psychotherapy, attention to early warning signs of relapse, and sensible lifestyle choices. The video's clear factual presentation, vivid first-hand accounts, and nonstigmatizing tone make it an indispensable resource.Running time: 47 minutes.