Winter Blues Survival Guide

A Workbook for Overcoming SAD

Norman E. Rosenthal and Christine M. Benton

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September 26, 2013
ISBN 9781462512324
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275 Pages
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September 26, 2013
Price: $18.95
275 Pages
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The practical tools can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.

I. Everything You Need to Know to Feel Less SAD

1. What Do You Know about Your Relationship with the Seasons?

2. Your Seasonal Profile

3. What's Making You Feel So SAD?

4. Identifying the Best Treatments for You

5. Planning to Beat SAD

6. Tailoring Your Plan: Awareness, Preparation, and Prevention Throughout the Revolving Year

II. Treatments, Tools, and Strategies You Can Use

7. Light Therapy

8. More Light: Brightening Your Environment, at Home and Away

9. Lightening the Load: Acceptance, Stress Management, and Support

10. A Life(style) Less SAD: Exercise, Supplements, and Substances

11. Dietary Strategies for Controlling Weight and SAD

12. Transcending the Blues: Meditation and Relaxation

13. Finding Your Happiness: Pleasant Activities

14. Using Your Head: Helpful Thoughts

15. Medication for SAD

Appendix: What I Would Like You to Know about SAD